Creating A Women Real Estate Network Meet Up

Creating A Women REI Group for networking

  1. Be engaged in your own business, realize you need to learn more.
  2. Start paying attention to  investors in your community and on-line. What are they doing? Are there unique skills individual women investors are contributing. Meet these women and benefit from your growing network.
  3. Invite a diverse group of women investors to meet for a social, do a needs and experience assessment of the group.
  4. Meet monthly to develop relationships and synergy on projects members have going.
  5. Find venues that are safe and stimulating for the meetings. Big hits were a model home, airbnb rental, empty apartment and rehabbed homes. All spaces provided by members who benefit by the advertising of their space. Food, drink and speaker materials provided by network’s leader.
  6. Let members invite a friend, but make sure to make working groups small enough for sharing goals.
  7. Develop short learning modules from the needs assessment of the first group. I used Bigger Pockets blog posts and articles to fill out content.
  8. If the group gets too big, create 2 meet ups. May keep attendance up.
  9. Encourage investors to talk about goals for the residential and commercial community and how their investments contribute to these goals.
  10. Ask members to bring one “ask” to each meeting, i.e. “I’m looking for a RE lawyer.” “I need to know who knows about syndication in Montana”. Etc!
  11. Take a photo of the sign in sheet and text it to attendees with consent from group. This allows communication after the group and is less distracting and more time for networking.
  12. Encourage attendees to contact each other between meetings to develop each other’s business interests. Start some mentor/mentee relationships!

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