Shipping vehicles from Houston to Buenas Aires, July 2022

These are the two trucks we plan to take to South America to do our overlanding travels from Argentina back home to Montana, USA. First, the trucks make the ocean trip from Houston to Argentina. Mike has been emailing with Javier at Horizon Auto Shipping Inc. This shipper has been very responsive. We prefer to ship in a 40 foot container rather than do a roll on/roll off (RORO).

Because our vehicles are measuring right up against the 38.50 foot limit, we took the large straight-edge out and measured the trucks very carefully this morning without the license plate brackets (this is about all we can take off, taking bumpers off doesn’t get us anywhere). I am getting 20.89’ for the Dodge Ram and 17.56’ for the Chevy Colorado, which gets me to 38.45’ (!!!). We checked the math three times, I think we are very close.

Javier’s response: “Both vehicles come to 38.45’. I am confident it will fit in a container. It will be a tight fit but workable. I checked the schedule and don’t see vessel sailings in July, might be too soon”.

So, now we wait to book a vessel that declares its schedule in July from Houston to Buenas Aires. These details have been a long time coming and a lot of noodling. Each of Javier’s emails is postscripted: Please note sailing dates and transit time might be affected due to continuing shortage of equipment, vessel space and schedule changes.

More to come….

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