Day 6 of COVID

Slept greater than 16 hours yesterday. Being awake today is possible. My brain feels like it has gotten up from a nap in a hammock. Yesterday, Mike said, “my brain feels like it is in a brain hammock”.

Day 6 of positive COVID, day 7 of symptoms. Early this morning, I mowed the lawn and I almost felt like going for a bike ride. The need for stillness caught up with me though. Friends are posting about bike rides and trail maintenance. There is a memorial I am missing. My daughter is attending without us.

Self care includes a meditation, sitting outside, learning Spanish, listening to rain on the roof, writing. I’ve read articles about not rushing recovery and to be aware of symptoms daily. A competing narrative is of friends saying they had COVID and they didn’t need to pause. That just isn’t my reality.

Quarantine per CDC guidelines is currently 5 days with days 6-10 masked and able to be social/work. If I was working, I don’t think I could be doing a full day today. My son took pavlovid and was able to return to his job day 6. But, he is 14. They say the greatest violence you can inflict is comparing yourself to others. The variety of the COVID experience is ripe for inflicting this violence.

So, friends, looking forward to joining you all next week for the truly most beautiful time in Montana. Until then, hold a place for me on the trail. Hoping to be able to smell flowers by then.

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