Jane Goodall’s Speech Takeaway

Mike and I charged up to Missoula from Butte to catch Jane Goodall speak at the Montana University of Missoula. Jane is 88, straight backed, calm, clear spoken. She has the presence of a person who meditates regularly and doesn’t suffer fools.

Driving to see Jane it turns out wasn’t necessary as her speech was available through a Zoom link and recorded. To people interested in hearing an intelligent elder speak some sense, here is the recording: https://youtu.be/8Ura1Hb5HVI

My main takeaway is Jane’s trifecta for her work’s focus: people, animals and environment. Destroy habitat, you have too much contact with animals and spread of disease. Destroy habitat and you find you cannot sustain yourself and your family in food and shelter. People in poverty or industry who destroy habitat end up without a next step to sustain themselves eventually. Etc, etc.

Mike and my family are traveling through South America this next year. We have been looking for a focus to help us sort the many experiences we can steer towards. Thanks, Jane, for this focus.

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