Botero Museum inside the MAMU, Bogata, Columbia

At the entrance

On our 2nd day in Bogata, Columbia, we went to the Botero Museum. Botero is a famous  Columbian artist who explored volume and smoothness in his paintings and sculptures. His works are from the 1950-2001. Luckily for him, he was in Europe and Mexico during the violence in the 1950s  in Columbia. Much of the art in the rest of the MAMU museum is about protest and violence by other Columbian artists.

Botera’s Mona Lisa at 12

He was self-taught but influenced by art he studied in the museums of Europe, New York City and Mexico.

Botero donated 123 of his works on the condition that the museum entrance would always be free and the works must never be traded.

Solid people.
His fruits, especially the oranges were full and had depth like cotton. He used a method of mixing paint off the canvas that created this pillow-like quality.
I love the drape of the newspaper and cloth.
A token Monet
A token Renoir
Love the green.

I cannot tell you how beautiful this area of Bogata is, it’s an older part of town with lots of Columbian tourists, artists, hotels and cafes. The climate is cool and rainy, think San Francisco if it were even greener and hillier. We stopped for arepes and then a bar/cafe. Vivian discovered that if she were 19 she could buy pot legally in Columbia. Poor girl is only 18.

Uphill from the museum. This area is great for walking.
Look at those mountains, so steep and misty.
Doorway to a cafe
Colombian garbage collection is done without vehicles, this donkey and collector walking the street in old town La Calendaria, Bogota.

5 thoughts on “Botero Museum inside the MAMU, Bogata, Columbia”

  1. Wow, I thought the same thing, “look at those mountains” and then saw you wrote the same thing in your comments. I keep thinking Viv and Niles are you and Mike in the pictures (you both will always be young to me) and then I catch myself!!!

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  2. My uncle lived in Bogata for a time when I was little so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures! Plus, seeing all of you!!


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