7 thoughts on “Borduins in Comuna 13, Medellin, Columbia”

  1. Hi Sar – Glad to hear from you. I’m in Silverton, Oregon with Marnie and Kate for the Three Cousins Reunion. Yesterday we walked on the beach at Lincoln City. There is nothing like a beach on the Pacific to inspire awe. Jim is on a Road Scholar trip in Northern Ireland. Danny and Mary Chris are in Vienna Austria. You’re in Colombia. Crazy! Love to you all, Mom

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  2. This was very interesting! How can a person buy some of their art to help the artists that live there? Is there an online gallery on the web??? Another business for gogirlinvest???? TKT ________________________________

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    1. TK, I included the Instagram addresses for the artists. John who is seen spray painting the pig is the main organizer of the school. They do operate on donations, selling their art through Instagram or direct calls, and volunteers.


      1. If you have serious interest, I can put you in direct touch with John. He speaks English and is very interested in making exchanges creative. For instance, there is. Columbian woman astronaut who will be at NASA who wants to connect with kids interested in space careers.


      2. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me! I am not of the hip-hop generation but I can appreciate some of their concerns and worries about the direction the country and society in general is going. I think what would be cool is to see some of their characterizations on paper transferred to a 3 D hand carved character that one could hold in their hand, use as a paperweight, or just a general art-piece for the office or home. The funnier and sarcastic the better. I’m sure the artists there have something to say about climate change, Putin, life in general, world peace, nature, family, women, men, politicians, musicians, jobs, cars, etc., etc. etc. In other words express their individuality in a 3D carved piece rather than on a 2D piece of paper or a building wall etc. I’m sure they have a lot to say just about everything. I’m just interested in what they have to say about current times and events. I guess I’m just curious about them and their lifestyle and prefer to see their take on the world in the form of a small 3D sculpture.
        Just my weirdness speaking!


      3. TK, I asked John about who is doing sculpture or 3D art. Chota has a gallery in which people can buy prints and they can be shipped. John makes sculpture from empty spray cans into people and cartoon caricatures. He can do work on commission as well.


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