Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay by Colonial Ferry and Bus

Saying “Goodbye” to Buneos Aires
Waiting outside the check in at the port. Paid: $151.19 for three, no cost for dog but is on the reservation.

Because port customs (vehicles arrived 13/10/2022, today is 10/28/2022) has been a very long process with the vehicles in Buenos Aires, we are splitting up today. Three to Uruguay to start the Workaway with Victoria and Mike to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina to jump customs hoops. Our plan to get the vehicles to Uruguay will evolve after the vehicles are released to Mike.

The Port of linea Colonial Ferry: https://www.directferries.com/buenos_aires_colonia_del_sacramento_ferry.htm?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=Cj0KCQjw–2aBhD5ARIsALiRlwCjr5es54VFc9YL9VhCEPQHMqzte93OG0qdqzJaYttESKdkqfpe8FIaAhH5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
We are EARLY! Our bags went through X-ray, we presented our tickets and passports to Argentinan customs then Uruguayan customs. Customs didn’t ask for papers or charge for our dog. There must be more checks on the other side? Spoiler, yes, there is.
Colonial schedule for today, 28/10/2022.
Waiting room at 7:52 for the ferry after customs for 8:30 am ferry.
Lots of space for the dog kennel and all the bags near free for all seating on ferry.
On deck with Gypsy
Walking towards customs on the Uruguay side
Customs officer swiped to check Gypsy’s chip, took our original Colombian Certificado de Salidad (we took photos of the QR code and papers). No fees, Gypsy entered Uruguay
Now, the bus ride, glad we brought the kennel! 2 hours to Montevideo by bus. She is not allowed in the passenger area. Not a happy dog as we walked away.
Lots of farmland, forests, family compounds along the road. From the bus, Uruguay looks like a tropical Montana. Wheat, sheep, cattle, family restaurants, churches, land and houses for sale, BIG open spaces. It’s good weather today, sunny, spring temperatures. Uruguay looks to be thriving at least from the view of this well kept coastal road.
View from the bus, every once in a while you can see the bay.

Next, posts from Montevideo!

Buenos Aires Airbnb Stay with Views on the cheap


Mike and his contemplation with coffee.
Final look of the view before embarking on the ferry to Uruguay
View from the balcony minus cage.
Mike and I walked to Peuro Modero on our first night. Magical for us.
Self-walking tour finds all sorts of pleasures in the many parks of Buenos Aires
Never used this Tembici system in part because the rates for tourists were $3 for 30 minutes and our budget was ever shrinking with increased port fees and stays at Airbnbs. Argentinans pay about $.30 for hours. The tourist dollar is super important here at museums and anything attracting foreigners. Expect to pay more than your Argentinan peers at the gates.
This reservation was super close to our port in case our vehicles became available while we were there. Unfortunately, customs was super slow and all the quality Airbnb bookings for 4 and a dog dried up while waitin. We had to split up after staying at this well located apartment. See the post on the ferry to Uruguay.
Big meal out at Peruvian restaurant, we obviously did not understand how much we were ordering. Argentinan wine is so good. Total in $US $36.00.
Argentinan Congress building
Bike lanes and amazing architecture in every direction in this neighborhood.
Favorite mural nearby.

Bogota Stay in Galerias

Check out this home on Airbnb! https://abnb.me/6njE6TWioub

We had a good stay in Bogota at this apartment which was situated in the Tembici bike rental system and near several parks, easy walking, a public square with exercise equipment and Simon Bolivar Parque within biking distance.

We chose this listing for price, 3 bedrooms, allowed a dog, within the Tembici system and parks close. When we were shopping we also wanted to be within 30 minutes of El Dorado Airport.