Yes to living within the budget. Making a game of not needing that thing you just saw.

Yes to looking for that way to share. You have more than you need, just give it away. I promise, it won’t hurt.

Yes to cooking at home and inviting neighbors and friends. Find out their preferences and feed them.

Yes to walking, get a dog if you need to. Or borrow one. They love a good walk.

Yes to listening to kids.

Yes to holding clutter and then letting it go.

Yes to free museums.

Yes to open spaces, beaches, woods, hills and plains.

Yes to water, streams, rivers and lakes.

Yes to working close to home but taking the long way home to add travel to your life.

Yes to biking

Yes to listening to friends who voted in a way inexplicable to you.

Yes to holding your tongue when being right might not matter.

Yes to wine, pot and chocolate.

Yes to being small and at times being big. Yes to God.

Yes to congregations of people in communion.

Yes to laughing, crying, yelling and smiling with family.

Yes to finding seashells, river rocks and crystals.

Yes to making friends fast and being slow to judge.

Yes to being imperfect everyday with moments of brilliance occasionally.

Yes to being amazed by the world around you.

Yes to seeing the people around you.

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