ATSA campground maintained by the Argentinan nurses union:

In Argentina, some campgrounds are sponsored and maintained by workers unions or private groups with a cause on provincial public land. So far, we have stayed at only three campgrounds on our camping trip down the Atlantic coast. Each camp has its own culture depending on the organization hosting the campground. Each one has been welcoming so much so we stayed longer than planned. Our last campsite article:

ATSA campground point

On the surface, the campgrounds appear like business campgrounds in the US but as you stay, you realize there is a community associated with the organization of the campground. ATSA is full of nurses, so it’s clean, economical, well organized and family friendly.

ATSA entrance
Walk to the beach

ASTA is bordered by a teachers union camp and literally next to the beach. There is live music nightly at a pop up restaurant in front of the teachers union camp. The beach culture is early morning walks, surfing and yoga. Mid-day sunbathing with umbrellas, kids in the water, teens playing soccer and a disc game on the sand, Tucu sp?.The surfers wear wetsuits and the swimming is cold with rough waves and undertow.

Biking from camp into town takes you through the Parque Miguel Lilla featured in this description from South America on a Shoestring (Javier’s copy).

The favorite aspect of this camp is how close it is to the bike/walking park full of shade from old pine trees. There is single track which is something we haven’t experienced since the US on our travels. All along the park is beach access and a Scouts of Argentina camp.

In ATSA camp, you can bring car or camper set ups,  rent cabanas, concrete houses or in the next camp over, Uture, you can rent very large brick houses.

For campers without showers, there are seven minute hot showers for each person registered to camp daily by using a token system. Grills (Parrillas), drinking water from the tap, bathrooms and a shower house are provided. Our campers have been well set up for even more rustic camping than this but having lots of opportunities to socialize is more enjoyable to us now. We paid 5400 total for 4 people and 2 vehicles (~$15). There are better rates if staying longer.

Last night we had restaurant burgers (1000 pesos each) on the beach, listened to the live band, watched the sunset and full moonrise all within walking 5 minutes from our campers. These types of experiences are all just normal life for these Argentinan families on vacation.

Niles found a pack of teens last night who stayed out on the beach until sunrise with a fire. He is enjoying himself very much here. Families camping here have come to the same spot for years so they have friendships already established and are outgoing enough to invite the new kid. Very grateful for this place.

Niles with friends hanging out at the center of camp. So not doing online school as asked but, he must be learning a lot about language with these kids.

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