Perito Moreno Glacier Visit

The trip to Perito Moreno Glacier was the most “touristy” trip we have made on our trip so far. But, it’s immense and accessible hugeness is worth elbow to elbow tourists. Going early, before most of the buses showed up helps make the experience more private. We camped in a free wild camp in the trees outside the Parque National Perito Moreno with our hitch-hiker friend from Russia the night before we entered the park.

Niles watching the ice broken from the main glacier.
The Perito Moreno Glacier, 70 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide, loud and actively calving into the water.

Our hitchhiker friend and us had different plans for entering the park to see the glacier. Our friend, traveling on a shoestring budget, had heard that he could hike around the entrance to avoid the 5,500 pesos ($25 USD) admission fee. We planned to drive and pay our fees, meet him inside and drive out all together. We left Gypsy in camp in the second vehicle safe in her kennel having heard of people being asked to leave if their dogs were in their vehicle.

Imagine the loud cracking of the ice and the occasional loud boom of falling ice into the water. The sound came well after the ice fell so you have to be watching to win the sight of it. Also, wind, always wind.

This visit was a highlight of our trip. We hiked the wood and metal walkway along the “interior” trail to witness huge calving off a nose on the wall of the glacier.

Now, we are hunkered down outside El Calafate waiting on our driving day tomorrow, Sunday, which according to the wind forecast should be without strong winds. Then, Monday we travel quickly after getting Gypsy’s paperwork from SENASA in Rio Gallegos, cross into Chile, back to Argentina and on to Ushuaia.