Miramar at Mar Chiquita, Còrdoba Provincia, Argentina

Cactus on the way to camp

We had a fantastic travel day from Santa Fe, Santa Fe Provincia, Argentina to an campground that didn’t exist. We arrived to the GPS coordinates at ten at night with a clear star filled sky. The coordinates put us in a quiet spot between a wildlife preserve and a cornfield but no campground in site.  The wildlife preserve signs asked us not to hunt, disturb the wolves or bring dogs. We kept Gypsy very close, made a quick camp and slept. The camper window was oriented to the full moon rising which was my last sight of the night.

Still alive (not the cornfield site)

The next morning, we woke to the sun rising through the same camper window. I love the morning sunrise. Mike and I made coffee and took a walk on a road through the cornfield towards the lake. There were hundreds of Chilean Flamencos on the bay of Mar Chiquita. Our position was too far for photos but their numbers impressed our minds. We also heard Pygmy Owls which we had seen on the road the night before.

Mar Chiquita with Mike and Gypsy

As the kids got up, we made a plan for the short drive to Miramar at Mar Chiquita. Miramar is a beach tourist town at the edge of Mar Chiquita. Mar Chiquita is three times saltier than the ocean. So, you bob like a cork when you swim. It’s shockingly green-blue, like photos of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach of Mar Chiquita at Miramar
Gigantic cactus around Miramar which host an insect used for its bright red dye of carmine (per Candie Borduin)
Niles enjoying the nightlife of Miramar
Gypsy enjoying leaving the salt for the mountains of Còrdoba, Argentina.

One thought on “Miramar at Mar Chiquita, Còrdoba Provincia, Argentina”

  1. Turtle food!! (Prickley pear!!)

    Sarah, I hope you will enlarge the picture of you with your hands outstretched and your huge smile. Thinking you’re saying something like “we’re here”. Absolutely stunning.


    Auntie K


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