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Buenos Aires Airbnb Stay with Views on the cheap


Mike and his contemplation with coffee.
Final look of the view before embarking on the ferry to Uruguay
View from the balcony minus cage.
Mike and I walked to Peuro Modero on our first night. Magical for us.
Self-walking tour finds all sorts of pleasures in the many parks of Buenos Aires
Never used this Tembici system in part because the rates for tourists were $3 for 30 minutes and our budget was ever shrinking with increased port fees and stays at Airbnbs. Argentinans pay about $.30 for hours. The tourist dollar is super important here at museums and anything attracting foreigners. Expect to pay more than your Argentinan peers at the gates.
This reservation was super close to our port in case our vehicles became available while we were there. Unfortunately, customs was super slow and all the quality Airbnb bookings for 4 and a dog dried up while waitin. We had to split up after staying at this well located apartment. See the post on the ferry to Uruguay.
Big meal out at Peruvian restaurant, we obviously did not understand how much we were ordering. Argentinan wine is so good. Total in $US $36.00.
Argentinan Congress building
Bike lanes and amazing architecture in every direction in this neighborhood.
Favorite mural nearby.

Tracking our Camper Trucks on the Container Ship Tempanos: from Houston to Buenos Aires

Port of Suape, Brazil October 3rd.

All of those dots, how are they tracked? “Vessel traffic data, or Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, are collected by the U.S. Coast Guard through an onboard navigation safety device that transmits the location and characteristics of large vessels for tracking in real time.” https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/training/ais.html&ved=2ahUKEwjErb_I4MT6AhXDZTABHUuLAMAQFnoECAkQBQ&usg=AOvVaw3cK1TsB7Y3C9bCRUOSxe6t

All the routes show how densely traveled our oceans are.
Tempanos docked in Suape, October 3rd, right on schedule! Wonder which container is ours!?!?!
October 9th: The vessel is currently at port 
SANTOS, BR after a voyage of 3 days, 11 hours originating from port 

Closer to the port at Sai Paulo, Brazil
Tempanos docked in the Estuario de Santos, October 9th.
Here is the super close up look of Tempanos with the containers offloading and onloading in Santos, Brazil. If anyone knows the words for what we are seeing, I’d love to know them!
Tempanos has arrived in Buenos Aires Argentina! Trucks are in Buenos Aires, 13, October in the evening.
The container will be taken off the ship here.
We will book a stay close to port to be able to respond as customs questions arise. We don’t get to BA until 19, October.
After securing the trucks after October 19th and doing a make ready stay of some days in the BA area, we will take the ferry to Uruguay with the goal of two Workaway stays with families there. We fly to BA October 19th to start this process.
This is a close up of Tempanos in port. I’m interested to see if we are able to track our Container once it is moved off ship.

Track our Container Ship!

Notice Hurricane 🌀 forming near Cuba far from our little ship which left Cartegena, Columbia within the last 24 hours.

Track our ship by going to http://vesselfinder.com/ and searching for “Tempanos” in the ship search field. You will be able to track our ship all the way the Buenos Aires, Argentina! Currently, scheduled to arrive October 14th, 2022. Flying under the flag of Liberia.

The trucks we will use for our trip are on the ship named Tempanos