11th Wrein Meet Up Hosted at the Phoenix Building Re: Franchises and Opportunity Funds

March 22nd 2018: Suzanne Dauenhauer, 22 year veteran franchise owner came to share insights into what franchise start ups need from landlords, what owners need as their business expands, and the type of RE needed for franchises. Thanks Suzanne for a look into the needs of franchise owners. Attendees left with a new understanding of the limitations and possibilities presented by corporatized businesses. Makes me want to go looking and create some more employment in Butte.

Also discussed: Opportunity Zones which may become effective in several places across Montana and the country. We talked specifically about Butte proposed zones with overlapping Tifid and Ura designation as opportunities for venture capital,  census and business growth. Already we are seeing listings which have been on the market for years increase asking prices speculating that our county government will submit Opportunity Zones and investing will be funneled There.

Hopes are high, how to position yourself for success? Let’s talk more about it at the April meet up. Follow Women Real Estate Investors Network on Facebook and receive event alerts.

Thanks to the Foreground Gallery and Olivia for hosting us. Your space is inspirational and Butte feels most alive when there are happy supported artists.

#opportunity zones

#Women Real Estate Investors Network




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